joi, 27 februarie 2014

Mihai Eminescu feat. Cristian Radu - Blue flower

"Once again have you deepened 
In the stars and higher skies.
But in vain rivers with suns
Bringing thoughts into dark lies
Flow on never ending fields.
Do not look for peace of mind
So so far. For you are blind!” 
Thus my little one has spoken,
And caressed my curly hair.
But I laughed and lost my token.
“Come with me in holly forests
Were the rivers cry for peace.
There we’ll rest under our star.
There is where you’ll be released
From the shadows of the past,
And our story… it shall last…
From the heat of Sun the God
I’ll be warm like a red fruit
I’ll unfold my hair for you…
You’ll be playing at your flute
If you’ll kiss me with your lips
No one else will have to know
And our secret it shall flow
Like the rain and the white snow.”
One more word and she is gone.
And I stand before the Sun.
How insane and what a beauty
Is my velvet blue blue flower.
And you left in the last hour.
And our love has gone to dust.
There are somethings that shall last.
Our spirits and the past. 

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