A fake love story

A star will shine upon the hour that we meet. JIJI.

Year 23935. The Age of Pisces.

Jesus was spending his last days in Tibet. It was time for the final conversation with Kalden. The night was calm, protected by the first blue moon of July. It was a special July that year. Two blue moons in a specific month occur rarely.
The lake was whispering light words in the gardens of the temple. 
As they have always used to do the guide and his apprentice began their word exchange trough silence. This was necessary for them to become in harmony with each others thoughts. After precisely 16 minutes and 18 seconds they raised their heads and looked into each others eyes. And they had such beautiful wolf eyes. After a short period of time Kalden discreetly bent his head for the first time since he met the Nazarene.
- What is your most fervent desire my boy? What do you wish for the most now after your spirit outlived 26 winters?
- I wish no more, no less than peace for my people.
- This is a noble desire my friend. But what about your own peace?
- I’m working on it Kalden and hope that one day it shall find me.
-  I advise you to be careful with the way you spread your knowledge. Most people are afraid of the truth not because they do not want to hear it, but because their souls are fragile and the clearest word would unbalance their beliefs. And they do need to believe in something or else they would wander their weary souls to the end of the Earth and would not find a place to call home.
- But how can I convince them that the words my tongue speak are only the language of my very own heart?
- I waited a long time for you to ask me that. It’s never imperative for you to convince them of anything even tough your perseverance could grant you that result. Speak your truth but do not impose it. And the result shall be far more satisfying if they accept the truth with the powers of their very own free will.
- Wise you speak, therefore I listen.
- It is time. Go now Son of Man. I have one last task for you. Go to the king of Babylon and heal his daughter. He is a good king and a friend of mine.
- To Babylon I leave then. I shall see you in the afterlife and we shall walk upon the everlasting green grass of Elysium. But you must bring your wine with you.
- Not lacking humor I see. I never told you the story of the tree Tibetan monks that did no other thing than laugh all day long. When the first of them died, the other two sat right next to him and laughed with the most insane joy that they have ever experienced. When another one left, people gathered and saw the remaining monk with a sad expression on his face. It was troubling for them because they never saw any of the monks sad in their entire lives. But the monk was playing a joke. Looking upon the faces in the crowd he started laughing so hard that all the people started laughing with him.
- That was a good farewell story master.
- Try to reach Babylon before the second blue moon rises.
- I’ll try to do that.
- Jesus, one more thing. I hope you will reflect upon our talk.
- I reflect upon all our talks Kalden, rest assured.
- I mean the only one that I could not agree with you.
- I will. But you know how I feel about that specific subject.
- May the leaf of your tree be ever green.
- And may the days you have left be the most fortunate that you ever lived.
- I don’t believe in luck my boy. It is foolish for an old man to lay his wishes upon the wheel of fortune.
- Farewell my friend and true star of sunset.
As Jesus walked away, Kalden laid his only wish upon the star of the Nazarene. “I hope you’ll find your sunrise star, My Son”.
Then Kalden returned to the temple, and with one thought turned it to ashes. The archives were lost. A blaze of light divided the nocturnal sky, and Kalden returned to his domains. It was the only time God had incarnated here on Earth.

As Jesus arrived in Babylon he went looking for the king. He had no time to waste. 
He was wearing a blue robe. To his heart a silver cross defined the harmony of the horizontal and the vertical. He always liked uncomplicated symbols. He always looked for simplicity in his gestures, words and thoughts. Kalden told him once that a complicated way of acting may result in deviation of the course of one’s spirit.
As arriving at the palace gate he told the guard he was looking for the king.
- The king cannot be disturbed at this time. He sent word that no one could see him because he has important state affairs to reflect upon.
    - Tell your king that I am here to attend to his most important affair. But if his empire is more precious to him than the life of his daughter I shall carry on with my path. 
    - Who are you?
    - I am Jesus of Nazareth.
    - Wait here!
As he waited at the gate he reflected upon his ability to heal others. He practiced it several times but this task was a bit more complex. A pale doubt clouded his thoughts. He looked towards the sky for a sign. No clouds. No birds. Just the warm Sun.
- You may enter now. The king will see you.
Jesus walked through the grand hall. The white marble was brought to life by the painted scenes of the Persian history. Only one foreigner was reflected. The  Macedonian.
The chamber of the king was simple and modest. Three desks formed a perfect equilateral triangle. Inside the triangle, on the floor, a perfect circle revealed a unique feature. Two golden fish. It was an ancient Buddhist symbol.
- So you are the one Kalden thinks can bring an end to my despair.
- Kalden exaggerates sometimes with his faith in me. But I shall do my very best. 
- No time to waste then. The guard shall take you to her chamber.
As Jesus walked into Parisa's room he saw her lying in her bed. A black veil covered her pale face. Her breath was deep and heavy. Her subtle arms were losing their light. On her little finger she had a ring. Jesus laid his green eyes upon that item. He went to her at took her hand in his. She felt her dying. He knew that he could not end her suffering. Her illness was in an advanced state. For the first time in his life he suffered the bitterness of defeat. 
The touch of the Nazarene slightly awoke Parisa from her sleep.
- What is your name and why are you here?
- My name is Jesus and I was sent here to cure you. Unfortunately your illness is beyond my reach.
- Are you some kind of a wizard foreigner?
A smile.
- I am no such thing. But I can assure you tomorrow you’ll rest in the presence of your ancestors for now you are the rose of the fall.
- A charmer, I see. Your face brings to my thoughts a man that I once knew. I deeply cared for him even though he was just a peasant. He gave me this gold ring. 
Jesus looked at the ring one more time. He saw a Greek word engraved on the jewelry. 
- What does the word mean? Jesus asked.
- It means “GRATITUDE”. Please go now. I am tired.
It was the sign that Jesus awaited. He lifted his head towards the heavens and his mind produced his true healing formula. “Thank you Father for giving me the power to cast away the pain.”
- Remove your veil and walk with me through you door.
- You’re being rude to a fragile soul.
Jesus removed himself Parisa’s veil. A warm light entered the woman’s wound. She felt her pain disappear. She felt her eyes strengthen. She felt life again on every part of her skin. 
Jesus never doubted from that point on.

As the king heard of the miracle he wanted to make a precious gift to Jesus. He called him into his chamber and said:
- I do not know who you are my friend but the Gods favor you. I gathered doctors from every corner of my empire and beyond. How can I reward the man that brought me relief?
- I seek no ransom fair king. I would only like the benefits of your friendship.
- So young and yet so wise. You asked for the most precious gift I could offer you and so I shall. I arranged a room for you. You must spend some time here. I would like to hear you speak more. And you must attend the celebrations to honor my daughter’s fortune.
- I cannot linger wiser king. A long journey awaits me. I must return to the land where I was born. I am more than glad to spend the night tough. I need the comfort of this summer night.
- So it shall be. But there is one more thing I ask of you. The garden of my palace hides 77 mysteries. Find the most precious one for me, for I myself cannot see it. 
- Riddles I like.
As the Sun laid his last thoughts upon this corner of the Earth, Jesus walked into the beautiful gardens of Babylon. He was astonished as he never saw the nature in such splendor. He did not know yet what he had to find, and the gardens spread widely upon his sight. After two hours of walking he saw a small temple. He entered and there were two doors: one to his right and one to his left. In front of the first door a stone guard was carrying a sword at his waist.
The door to his left was slightly opened. 
“There’s nothing more welcoming than an open door”, he thought and walked through it.
He entered a small labyrinth but he was familiar to this sort of tasks. He noticed he had gone underground. Finally his eyes met the kings mysteries. He could not help an ironic thought. They were rare but they existed. ”It is funny how a man cannot distinguish his true companion when he has so many choices at his disposal.”
The women saw the beautiful man approach but they were afraid of his presence. They have been kept there by the king in secrecy for three long years now. The king wanted to find the perfect spouse after the death of his first wife.
- You must not fear me flowers of the east. I am here on the king’s behalf.
A woman in a red dress approached the Nazarene and spoke:
- And what task have you been appointed with? Are you the one that shall free all of us? We know that the king wants a wife. All of us tried to please him in the best way that we could. None have succeeded so far.
- Who among you is the most beautiful?
-  I am, the woman spoke again.
-  Who among you has the clearest voice?
-  We all have agreed that I am the one that carries all necessary qualities.
Jesus smiled and asked his final question.
- Who among you is the most silent?
- That would be the one standing in the corner with her head upon her knees. She comes from the house of Saleem. She never speaks a word. She rarely eats. And her beauty is fading with each day that passes.
Jesus walked towards this woman and had a grasp of her features. She was not that tall. The long brown hair caressed her fragile shoulders. Her brown eyes reflected the power of the moon.
For a moment Jesus lost his reason. He could not see the color of her soul. And that occurred rarely.
- Look at me woman and tell me your name.
The woman looked upon him throwing arrows from her eyes. She clearly did not want to speak to him.
Jesus was deeply troubled. He could not find the key to her heart. He also knew this is the woman that the king was searching for. But he had trouble accepting that fact, because she did not see this man as the right companion for her. He then decided not to intervene and to let destiny pursue its natural course. “For some words are not meant to be spoken, and some thoughts are not wise to be revealed”
He returned to the king that night and told him that he could not complete the task he was entrusted with.
- Well that is no trouble my friend. I shall decide soon anyway. Now rest. A warm sheet awaits you.

As Jesus went to rest, he found himself having a hard time falling asleep. But he could not point to the rock that disturbed the lake of his spirit. Finally he cleared his mind from all the thoughts, and went to sleep as he was hearing the drums of silence. 
His dreams were vivid and clear. His body was made of light in the kingdom of Morpheus. As he walked upon the sands of his desert Jesus looked for Kalden. For the first time since they have been friends the wise master was not to be found. With sadness he laid upon the sand fixing his eyes on the bright sun. Time was again still. No wind. No shadows. Only silver dust beneath him and the cloudless blue sky smiling back to him.
His meditation was interrupted by a blaze of light that was traveling towards him. This was the first time that Jesus met the Gatekeeper.
- Rise Son of Man and let us exchange words.
- There are few who call me that. Tell me your name light traveler and we shall speak.
- Young and bold. I can see now why He chose you. My name is Michael. I am the Gatekeeper.
- And what gates do you guard?
- The only ones that need no guarding.
- I thought the doors of Heaven are not meant for everyone to pass.
- Tough you are wise and have the heart of a lion; you still have much to learn.
- Indeed I have. And what is the purpose of this conversation?
- I came only to give you an advice. Free the woman. The one that has the Blue Moon as her mother.
- So there is something special about her after all.
- Consider this my only gift that I can bring you. I am here in secrecy. We are not allowed to intervene in the affairs of the mortals. And next time try not to be that careless. Look with the eye that matters and which always sees purpose in his sight.
- And if I decide not to take her with me?
- Mortal, I have told you what I had to. I must go now.
Michael went as he came.
- It’s not like I have to make her my wife. 
Jesus awoke.

    Convincing the king to set the woman free was not a difficult task for Jesus. The king did not particularly like here so he had no trouble letting her go.
The king gave them a black horse, Argento, and some food. He even offered gold but Jesus told him that he does not want the horse to be burdened unnecessarily.
After leaving the palace Jesus told the woman not to be afraid and that she didn’t have to speak if she did not feel like it.
The woman spoke at last. 
- My name is Alhena.
- How many springs have you blessed?
- Meaning?
- What is your age?
- Please talk simple, at least to me. No need to impress me.
- Not trying to, I just like metaphors.
- I am 20. And you?
- 26.
- Why did you take me with you?
- You did not belong there.
- Neither did the others. Why me?
- Because God told me to.
- Thank your God from my part then.
- You can thank him yourself. 
After almost a day of traveling they rested on a blue hill. Jesus made the fire, and covered Alhena with his blanket. He had to reflect, so he turned his eyes to the flames and saw a glimpse of what must come to pass.

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