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The way

With honesty right to te top, with respect and no mo fear, I hold you near where you belong. But only love shall thrive upon the circles that are burning flames. There shall be no more games to play. When love shall find it's way. Now stay.  

Who am I.

I'm just a cripple fallen from the sky with no remorse, no pain, no gain.
I'm not a human, I can say. I live therefore I breathe. I rest. I carry so much with My chest.
I am o constant flowing river. That holds no grudge. Just ignorance and love. You feel me?
How can you? You not me. I am me. Who am I? I don't know why I touch the sky. You feel me?
So do I.
It's all about fucking perespective. 

The empire of the Mad King

He suffocates you with his addictions. He wants you to be in a constant hurry. Always wondering that you are worthy. And I tell you now my brothers and sisters. We all deserve to be equal in front of Zamolxes. Unity. Not poverty. Strenght and honour. No more sins. Is it hard? Yes it is. We are struggling for ages. Not even Jesus Christ could cast a spell and redeem our souls. Because he died very young. His mission was not finished. And he made the sacriledge to take his own life. Because that is what he wanted. To die for all others sins. You must fight the sin as long as Zamolxe gives you breath to do it. I tried to be a quitter to. 16 suicide attempt. But I AM STILL HERE! 

What we write

"What we write will one day turn into intermittent rain, torrential thunder, dirt, the words lost and smudged with the decaying papers of our fate. The hollow and vehement whispers of our ragged emotions seep through the centuries of time and become an imagined world like photosynthesis."

Shadows and blood

We are but shadows and dust, a roman said
But dust are not we as blood flows
Remembering what we all made
We are at sea with many raws

And my God tells me you´re not weak
Like rabbits scared of their own shadow
I am a freak between more freaks.
And many freaks wear Rolex. Rado.

Beyond this place of garbage steel
Elysium is what awaits,
In fact, in genere we´re all but saints
Disguised in demons that can feel.

Allah now cries for peace beyond
He is but one with Christian God
Together they shall not succomb
To darker shades of human blood.

Mihai Eminescu feat. Cristian Radu - Blue flower 

"Once again have you deepened
In the stars and higher skies.
But in vain rivers with suns
Bringing thoughts into dark lies
Flow on never ending fields.
Do not look for peace of mind
So so far. For you are blind!”
Thus my little one has spoken,
And caressed my curly hair.
But I laughed and lost my token.
“Come with me in holly forests
Were the rivers cry for peace.
There we’ll rest under our star.
There is where you’ll be released
From the shadows of the past,
And our story… it shall last…
From the heat of Sun the God
I’ll be warm like a red fruit
I’ll unfold my hair for you…
You’ll be playing at your flute
If you’ll kiss me with your lips
No one else will have to know
And our secret it shall flow
Like the rain and the white snow.”
One more word and she is gone.
And I stand before the Sun.
How insane and what a beauty
Is my velvet blue blue flower.
And you left in the last hour.
And our love has gone to dust.
There are somethings that shall last.
Our spirits and the past.

The empire of the mind

Marcus Aurelius

      Lonely the path I have chosen. But filled with kindness. I have no home for my garden is in heaven.I will find the light again. Zeus will look me in the eyes and make me forget my guilt. My anguish. My fear. I see the truth in my principles. I see hope for my people. I also see darkness spreading with the speed of the trembling thought. It is the last stand of Ignorance and Fear. Soon we shall pass into the age of the righteous. "Bevare of the Man who carries the water", Jesus said. The stars shall guide us. The moon shall flourish with life and Ra will incarnate here on Earth. I am not here to make choices because I have already chosen. I am here to make my Father's will and then transcend. There is purity in many spirits among you, but you may not always see it. They don't hide. But they are silent. Because silence is the only  weapon of The One. He could do anything he wanted to. He could rise you to the black sky or torment your dreams. But his function is to show you that mankind does not need leaders. Nor laws. Only love and sharing. Peace.







I disconnect from present troubles.
I get my mind to blue-white bubbles. 
They tell me that I'm just a Human? 
I disregard. Am I a fool?
The deity it sees my veins, my never ending fields and plains. 
I recollect my past to be. 
Am I a human? 
Yes! You'll see. 
Beneath what breathes inside of me.




Free to fall


I'm free to fall. And free to act. I'm free to speak desired fact. I'm free at last to tell my truth. I'm Free I'm free. I'm free.

I'm free for now in tainted prison. I'm free to speak my only wisdom. I'm free to breathe and free to act. I'm free and that's a fucking fact.

I'm free to gain and free to lose. I'm free to stain and free to choose. I'm free to see and free to feel. I'm free. I'm free. 

I'm only me!







Under my tree


Under my tree I rest my bones.
They are so heavy. 
I can't rest. 
I'm tired of all this motherfucking tests. 
Under my tree I smoke my pipe.
And I feel free to crush my bones.
They are but stones. 
And stones. 
And bones. 
Under my tree I find assurance.
That heavy burdens fell rejected. 
I only want to feel neglected.
By God and any other humans.

My sarcasm


Three lines make perfect circle. The randomness of your holly flower respects my wish on final hour. Transcending via earth to sun it is my destiny to run towards your shelter that i see. Towards the depths of you and me. you try to make me see the light but i no longer wish to fight.My sarcasm left my late last word. Upon your feet I lay my sword. But you reject me now and then. And you elude me then and now. All right Milady, I shall bow to your eluding mystery. But must you always fear of me? If you don’t fear I could forget the only thing that I regret . I cannot be your first and last. There’s too much darkness in my past. Because the dreams you share with me, I’m not in them. I’ll never be. You do not need to hear my voice. But that is only current choice. If I would know just how to change and in a strange way rearrange the way you feel about myself, I would not be just one more book. And you would take another look at your fulfilled but dusty shelf. Tonight I ask. I beg.Implore. Show me the face that I adore. Show me the lips that I desire. Play me your cello by the fire. Remind me that is meant to be. Do not neglect me and you’ll see what none has seen before here eyes. And I’ll come naked in disguise wearing my only piece of wool. I’ll show you that I’m not the fool the worlds laugh at at every hour. And I shall give you all my power. To keep. To use or to destroy.
Repeated lies

I never lied, only repeated. 
Word after word. 
Sentence trough sentence. 
I am the Lord. For I'm the Lord. 
But I just vanish in your presence. 
We carry on our new born child. 
That only saw but some few springs. 
My love, my dearest love, 
There are but two rings of power in our lives. 
The first, the lady's first, belongs to me. 
Because it is but only me 
That I can see the joy of beauty 
Descending on your holly face. 
The second one is my embrace. 
And that it is your sole white burden. 
Because I'll put the hell itself trough fire. 
I'll torn down Heaven's mighty tower, 
If God won't meet anything you desire. 
I AM TO BE... Continued just trough you.
From me, to you.

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