joi, 27 februarie 2014

Don't fall for me...

         "Don't fall for me" is what she told me in a cloudy day. The rain began to drop and my eyes were touched by the river of the sky. I smiled to her, and had a glance of her brave soul. I could have responded instantly but a white pigeon blinked to me, guiding me towards silence. "Why are you smiling? I'm serious. I cannot give you what you seek!". So I thought for a second about the things that I'm expecting from her. I was surprised to discover that I had no true interest but her happiness. Should I tell her that? Again the pigeon... I take a moment to study the pigeon more carefully. What is he trying to tell me? What kind of message is he hiding? "Where are you looking? I'm trying to talk to you." Sorry...  (my first word in this conversation). "Look, you're a great guy and a good friend, but I'm not ready for a relationship right now." I looked for the pigeon but it was gone. I understand, I said and fixed my look in the ground beneat my feet. I was sad because I did'n have my guide anymore to help me. "I think it's for the best if we don't see each other anymore. It will be easier for you to forget me this way". The thunder stroke and I awoke. My thoughts were clear, my mind was still. 1,618 feet away from the reach of my right arm a white rose demanded the crowning of it's existance. I picked it up. Put it in the hand of my sweetheart and with gratitude in my words I told her: "I could never fall for you my love. I'm ascending because of you." And then my pigeon brought the rainbow.

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  1. Om, incearca in romana. Plm, ii fi tradus mai incolo.. Da incearca odata romana.. si fara versuri.